Why Pre-Qualification is Important

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It's important to consult your mortgage loan professional early — even before you've started to consider neighborhoods. What for? It might be hard to fathom the ways we can help even before you begin to calculate your offer.


When we pre-qualify you, we help you determine how much of a monthly payment you can fit in your budget, and the loan amount you can qualify for. This process walks you through your finances - your debts, income, employment, and down payment money, among other things. We will require a minimum amount of paperwork, with a quick process.

We award you a Pre-Qualification Letter when you qualify, which documents that we are confident you'll qualify for a specific amount of mortgage dollars.

Buying Power

Several beneifits open to you once you find your new house, and have achieved pre-qualification power. The first is that you'll be sure the amount you will be able to afford when putting together your offer. Even more important to the seller of the home, your pre-qualification status gives them confidence - as if you'd entered their home with a suitcase of cash to make the offer! They will not have to wonder if they have been wasting their time if you do not have the ability to qualify for a high enough mortgage. The seller won't wonder if he can count on you to qualify for your mortgage in the amount you will need.Your qualifying for the necessary loan amount will not be something for them to lose sleep over. You have the clout of a buyer ready to make the purchase on the spot!

We can help you pre-qualify

We will help you find out how much of a loan you can qualify for and the monthly mortgage payment amount you can afford by getting you pre-qualified. We will do this by considering your debts and income, your work and residence circumstances, your funds available for a down payment, required reserves, and other financial considerations. It's a short, thorough process with minimal risks for papercuts.

One on one

While you are able to benefit from our tools to calculate mortgage variables on this website, it is essential to sit down and talk with us. For one thing, you'll need a Pre-Qualification Letter! Next, we can review your mortgage program options to be sure you have selected the best one. Contact us at 314-835-1195 to get your pre-qualification process started.

Have questions about pre-qualifying? Call us at 314-835-1195. It's our job to answer pre-qualification questions, so we're happy to help!